Austin-Healey 3000 Mk IIIA 1966 (BJ8)

The 'black & white' Healey CD-3000

My 1966 Austin Healey 3000 MkIIIA (phase 2 BJ8) - myaustinhealey - has been a 'weekend racer' in Sydney Australia since 1969. Amazingly, before that, it had been driven overland from London to Sydney in 1967 by its first owner, Richard Steil. Donald Mitchell Healey (DMH) designed Austin-Healeys as sportscars to be driven and enjoyed. Austin Healey 3000's were built to be strong and torquey - and were known for their rally success. They were sportscars which could be driven to work during the week, and then used in motorsport on the weekend. Every owner (past and present) of the 'black & white car' (as this particular Healey has been known for many years) has shared Donald Healey's original philosophy. Even in 2008 - classic cars are still for driving!

This site provides other Healey enthusiasts with information on the classic Austin Healey 3000 (marque, news and technical - see left column); and the specific history of my 1966 'ivory over black' Austin-Healey 3000 Mk IIIA (BJ8) - known as the 'black & white' car (see right column).

Austin Healey 3000 MKIIIA BJ8 1966 picture - the black & white car

The black & white car has history, character and reputation. In July 1966, the "black & white car" was purchased new by Richard Steil from John Sprinzel Racing Limited, London, England. In 1967, Richard and his wife Trish spent 3 months driving the Healey from Portsmouth England to Calcutta India, from where it was loaded onto a ship bound for Sydney Australia, arriving in September 1967. What a honeymoon! The next owner, Ian Morgan, began racing the Healey in 1969. The "black & white car" has provided a whole range of excitement and adventure for it's custodians. Above all - this Healey has always been driven and enjoyed. These days, there are many restored Healeys - but you can't buy history - and the "black & white Healey" has a fantastic history of being driven and enjoyed.

The 'Black & white car' has won numerous trophies. Two trophies best epitomise the history & reputation of the black & white car...

In 1969 - the inaugural year of the foundation of the Austin-Healey Owner's Club of NSW - the "black & white car" was Club Competition champion - in the hands of Ian Morgan. The same Club Competition perpetual trophy is still awarded today. In 1999, and 2000 - the Black & white car was runner up for this trophy - and both times was the individual car with the highest points on the AHOC NSW Club pointscore.

Donald Healey came to Australia in January 1977 - when Wally Gates owned the 'black & white car'. This was to be DMH's only visit 'down under'. A display was held in DMH's honour at Warringah Mall, Brookvale, and many Healeys (big and small) attended. The black & white car won this trophy - awarded by DMH. This was not a trophy DMH merely presented (where the recipient was decided by others - or a pointscore etc), but a trophy awarded by Donald Healey, based on Donald Healey's own judgement. The inscription reads:

Donald Healey Tour of Australia 1977
Best Austin Healey Australian flag

I reckon that just about says it all............

1999 driven by Chris Dimmock 1973 driven by Wally Gates 1969 driven by Ian Morgan

1999, 1974, and 1969 - same car, same corner, same circuit - three different eras.

Left: Chris Dimmock (photo by Marshall Cass) Centre: Wally Gates (photo courtesy Wally Gates) Right: Ian Morgan (photo copyright© LJ Ruting Collection - reproduced with permission)

Austin Healey badge

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